360° astrophotography

40 image stitch, f/2, 30", ISO 6400
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360° Projections


Suited for 360° viewers that allow users to control their perspective within the spherical photo, an equirectangular projection of a 360° photos is what the 360° image looks like before viewing it on an interactive 360° player like Facebook’s or our very own below.

360° Projections

Tiny Planets

Comprised of 40+ photos, these tiny planets have massive amount of detail for the pixel peeper in all of us. Any 360° equirectangular photo can be transformed into a tiny planet projection like this as an added way to experience a 360° photo.

Interactive 360°

360° photo viewer

Go ahead, make it full-screen and drag around the image to see a 360ª image as it’s meant to be seen—in full, glorious detail. Easily embedded onto websites, this is Lightstack’s own 360° viewer that’s available to all our clients.

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